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District to implement new attendee graduation policies

by | May 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

GISD security to provide clear plastic bags for all

 By Patty Montagno

Staff Writer

[email protected]


If you are plan on attending 2015 Sachse High School graduation ceremonies at the Curtis Culwell Event Center, there are a few new procedures you’ll need to know before arriving.

GISD Spokesperson Tiffany Veno said the district will be enforcing a clear bag policy.

“To ensure guest safety and a quicker entry into the facility, we have implemented a bag policy limiting the size and type allowed at graduation ceremonies,” she said. “While the CCC officials encourages guests not to bring bags if possible, we suggest clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that do not exceed, a one-gallon clear plastic Ziploc-style bags
, or 
clutch bags approximately the size of a hand.”

She said that medically necessary items will be permitted after proper inspection.

“Clear bags will be provided at the front entrance for any guests who need them,” she said. “Tickets are required for admission. Graduation tickets will be distributed to seniors at their home campus.”

Rodriguez said everyone should come dressed for the appropriately dressed for the ceremony.

“Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions,” she said. “Do not bring inappropriate items such as food, beverages or any kind of weapons. And that includes pocket knives.”

Veno said flowers purchased outside of the Curtis Culwell Center will not be allowed in the building. “Flowers that have been pre-ordered from the approved vendor, Kahuna Flowers will be available for pick-up at the center,” she said. “Gift bags, balloons, beach balls, glitter, confetti, laser pens or noisemakers will not be allowed.”

Veno explained that for security reasons wrapped gifts or umbrellas are not allowed. Water, soda and light snacks will be available through the Curtis Culwell Center concessions.

“All bags and cases are subject to search,” she said. “Only bring items you are willing to have checked.”

Graduating students will be bused from their home campus to the center. The administrators at the campus will inform the students of the departure time.

The Curtis Culwell Center is located at 4999 Naaman Forest Blvd. in Garland.

Parking will be available at the Curtis Culwell Center and nearby at Naaman Forest High School. There will be a shuttle from the Naaman Forest High School parking lot to the center.

Veno explained that the center is a drug and alcohol free facility with no smoking on premises, including e-cigarettes.

The arena floor is reserved for graduates and approved faculty members only.

“Once you are in the facility there will be no re-entry,” she said. “Pictures must be taken from your seat in the audience.”

GISD officials stressed that the graduation ceremonies are respectful events.


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